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Diabetic Foot Care

Why is Diabetic Foot Care important?
Diabetes causes surges in blood sugar, leading to various problems throughout the body, such as vein and nerve damage. But with your feet being the furthest points from your heart and having limited blood circulation, foot-related concerns are even greater. A wound can heal very slowly, and even become infected. The circulatory issues and nerve damage the disease causes are the reason why diabetics are at higher risk for limb loss. Treatments can range from daily risk factor management and non-surgical treatments for wounds, all the way to traditional surgeries.

Routine diabetic foot care is important to:

  • Treat wounds and infections of all sizes, including ingrown toenails

  • Remove thickened skin, like calluses

  • Prevent limb-threatening diabetic ulcers

  • Detect and treat nerve damage

Dr. Zayas-Bazan partners with your primary care and internal medicine physician to help manage blood sugar levels. He will also be sure you receive the education you need to keep your feet healthy between podiatry visits. 

Give us a call at 305-564-3810, or click "Request Appointment" to have a staff member contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment with Dr. Leonardo Zayas-Bazan to evaluate your diabetic foot and leg concerns!

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